It's about fear

Here's my bicycle. It's a Schwinn Breeze that I bought about 10 years ago from an elderly woman in the parking lot of Central Meat Market in Kitchener. I just picked it up (in the car) from Cyclemania on the Danforth yesterday. They fixed it up to make it safe to ride. I haven't ridden since before we moved to Toronto so it's been at least eight years. So now we come to the fear part. I was going to go for a ride yesterday but chickened out. I've been asking my friends who ride their bikes in Toronto for tips. "Get a helmet." "Be visible." Great advice. But how do I get rid of this big knot in my stomach? I used to be fearless. When I was about 4 or 5 my Aunt Judy and Uncle Wayne bought a helmet for me because I'd knocked myself out cold riding over rocks on my tricycle. I'm not afraid that I've forgotten how to ride a bike. It's not that. I'm not sure what it is that's making me afraid. Am I afraid of falling? Or looking foolish? My helmet will mess up my hair? Getting hit by a car? I don't know but while I try to screw up my courage to actually go for a ride, I thought why not make this fear thing a writing prompt?

Write about a character who has a fear. It can be rational or irrational. It can be common or uncommon. Perhaps they could have a fear of public speaking, snakes, clowns, belly buttons or clouds. Or they're deathly afraid of mice, riding in cars, loneliness, the number 13, teapots or the colour yellow. Perhaps writing about a character with a fear will help me get over my fear of getting back on my bicycle.