Egging you on

Include an egg or eggs in your piece of writing. Perhaps a character will never eat an egg, or only eat eggs, or is an egg. Maybe your character's cookbooks are all about eggs or her goal in life is to find a golden egg or she makes her living by painting eggs. You could write from the POV of somebody stuck inside an egg. Or have your character lay an egg, or have  nightmares about eggs or about the rabbit that delivers them. Perhaps a character is a good egg or has put all his eggs in one basket or has egg on his face or walks on eggshells or can crack an egg with one hand or stand an egg on its end. What if your character collects eggcups or makes eggnog from scratch or has their entire apartment painted in eggplant? Or maybe the sticker on his sweater says Hello, My name is Egbert. Here's some beautiful coloured eggs for inspiration.