Add a chair

Include a chair in your piece of writing. Perhaps it is an abandoned chair like this one, or a favourite chair, or a chair that your character is afraid of for some reason. Maybe the chair inspires daydreams or nightmares or can fly through time and space. Perhaps when your character sits in the chair (and only then) she can talk to her grandmother who died years ago. Or give the chair a voice of its own and let it tell you about the caretakers it has had over the years. Perhaps the chair is a large comfy flowered one that hoards loose change and stray socks and pencils. Your character could collect chairs or refuse to sit in chairs and only has cushions in their house. Perhaps it's a chair left by the curb and your character picks it up because that's what he always does when he drives around town in his old green truck; he can't resist cast-off furniture. Maybe your character builds dollhouses and is always on the lookout for chairs that are just the right size. Perhaps you could write about an upholsterer or a person who fixes chairs when everyone else says there's just no saving that chair. Maybe your cat scratches the chair once too often and the chair claws back. Or one night the chair gets out into the backyard to dance in the moonlight with the wooden lawn chairs.