Introducing Sophie

This is Sophie. She came to live with us a little over two months ago and after a bit of a rocky start she now seems to be feeling quite at home. Perhaps she is part Maine Coon Cat given her looks, but she is not very big. She’s also very friendly and purrs when you speak to her before you touch her. She has intense green eyes and a sort of haughty gaze and when she looks at you, you feel as if nothing escapes her notice and as if you’re being judged or sized up somehow.

She and Felix are getting along (most of the time) and are often in the same room and sometimes even on the same bed. Sophie is braver than Felix as she lets the grandsons pet and brush her and will stay in the same room while they’re playing. Felix usually finds a good hiding place when the boys are visiting and then magically reappears when they go home.

sophie on chair.jpg
sophie & felix.jpg
sophie & felix on bed.jpg