So I Went Running Today

Yes, I did. And I'm ridiculously proud of myself. I downloaded some podcasts of that Couch to 5k program. I chose the one from the NHS because I liked the sound of Laura's voice saying, "Go for it," in her English accent. Yes, I listened to a couple while sitting on my couch. I also had to buy earphones for my iPhone because I don't use earphones unless I'm on an airplane. The ones I bought were yurbuds. They were pricey but the package said they wouldn't fall out and they didn't.

I was pleased with my run. It was hard but not too hard. I was very thrilled when Laura said I only had one more run to go because I don't think I could have done many more.  So I ended up running eight minutes in total with lots of walking. It doesn't sound like much but it sure beats no running at all.

On my run I saw four dogs (a low count for my neighbourhood I think), one cat (also a low count), one toddler "helping" his Dad saw a board on their front porch, a front porch in the midst of a new paint job (so maybe it's not too late for ours yet) and a toddler having a bit of a meltdown on another porch. I also saw a little family all dressed up. The little girl looked like a bride and she was being very careful with her dress.