My List of Reasons to Run

So I haven't run for over five months. Apparently starting a blog about running wasn't enough to actually get me out running. Since I love lists, I thought maybe making a list of my reasons to run might help. Here it is in no particular order:

1. I want to be better able to focus, particularly on creative things like writing.

2. I  just want to feel better physically & emotionally -- stronger, healthier, have more energy, stamina, confidence & self-esteem, better posture, & sleep better (here I am writing on my blog at 2 a.m.) & be less moody & have a better, more positive outlook.

3. I want to fit into my old jeans again -- the all-cotton, non-stretch ones. I want to try on clothes and feel good about how they look. I want to be able to just grab something out of my closet & get dressed & go rather than worrying about what's going to fit or how it looks or wish I could wear something else. I'd like to start wearing dresses & skirts again when I feel like the size of my belly more appropriately matches the size of my legs.

4. I want to be able to run around & play with my grandson when he gets moving. (I've been a grandmother for almost two months now.)

5. I want to lessen my risk of heart attacks, strokes, & diabetes.

6. I want to lower my weight, my BMI, my waist-to-height ratio, my cholesterol level, & anything else that needs lowering that I haven't thought of yet.

7. I want to run in 5k, 8k, & 10k races again. I used to enter races regularly & really enjoy them. I even won a medal once because there were so few of us in my age group. (It wasn't because I was speedy as I was the second-last person to cross the finish line.) I've just signed up for Harry's Spring Run-off in the 5k fun run/walk category & I want to have the feeling of accomplishment of actually doing it.