I Ran Today

for the first time in almost seven months. Why do I let so much time go by between runs? I wish I knew the answer. I know I need the exercise. I'm uncomfortable in my clothes. I want to wear the clothes in my closet that I love but don't fit anymore. I want to be more comfortable when I drive the car. I still read every running magazine I can get my hands on. I cut out pictures of women running seemingly effortlessly in running clothes I covet and put them on the fridge. I put a newspaper clipping showing Ed Whitlock smiling after a run on the fridge, too, because he's pretty bloody inspiring. I often think about going running, especially when I go to bed. That's when I think I'll just get up, put on my running gear and go for a run as soon as I wake up tomorrow. But it never happens. Or I guess I should say <em>almost</em> never happens because it happened today. I really enjoyed the run this morning. It may have been the weather, a crisp, sunshiny, fall day. Or it may have been the music. I listened to a podcast by Laura Benack called Boogie Shoes Couch to 5k. The music seemed to magically match my stride. It may have been Laura's encouraging words during the run or the theme of the podcast which was all the music was by woman artists. Probably it was a happy accident of all of these things combining, but It was perhaps the easiest run I've ever done. It felt good to be out running again.

I noticed a black squirrel with something in its mouth run onto a lawn and then stop and sit perfectly still. Why do squirrels do that? Do they think by stopping they somehow become invisible? Do they think if they're stopped, they're not worth chasing? Has it worked in the past for this particular squirrel? Are dogs in this neighbourhood easily out-smarted by this behaviour?