Hello, Grace,

How is every little thing? I heard that you were making the accuaintance (sic) of a snow bank on a certain Sunday night; Papa thinks the lines must have been either held in only one hand or around his neck.

Many Happy Returns of the Day,


(I think that perhaps Eula fancies herself a better handler of horses than Grace. Presumably she means around the horse’s neck, not the Papa’s.)

eula back.jpeg

And here’s the front:

eula front.jpeg

Say Florence send my Trombone please

This one begins, Well Florence, Sorry I displeased you for I think a lot of you. And ends with, Say Florence send my Trombone please. At first, I thought this was a tiff between girlfriend and boyfriend, but it’s signed Bro. Will, so I guess it’s between siblings. I hope he got his trombone back. I hope he and Florence patched things up.

well florence back.jpeg

And here’s the front:

well florence front.jpeg

No mermaids yet!

I love anything to do with mermaids. So when I saw this postcard I just couldn't resist.

Here's what's written on the back:

No mermaids yet! Had dinner here last night. Sopping up sun today! (70 degrees) Sights so far, well worth the trip. Will see the Ringling Museum, etc tomorrow. Helen & Carl

no mermaids_back.jpeg

And here's the front: John Ringling Towers, Sarasota, Florida. (Hmmm, I'm seeing a Ringling theme to this postcard.)