The First Day of The Photo Almost Every Day Project

I've just finished a photography course taught by Terry Manzo at the Art Gallery of Stratford. It was a really great class and learned a lot about how to work my digital single-lens reflex camera. I don't want to forget what I've just learned so my new project is to try to take (and post) a photo a day, even if the photos don't turn out the way I wanted them to. But to give myself a little bit of leeway when stuff happens I'm going to call my new project The Photo Almost Every Day Project. There will probably be many days when the photo I post is yet another shot of my cat Felix.

First up one of the only photos that turned out sort of okay.

I took lots of photos of clouds (haven't we been getting just frickin' amazing clouds lately?), of cows, and of swans but most of them were totally out of focus. Here's one of a lovely little calf that I think would've been a great shot if it was in focus.

So two lessons learned today: check ALL the settings on the camera before taking photos and give the little screen on the back of the camera more than a cursory glance when checking to see how the photos are turning out.