Just Keep Stirring

In my grandparents’ kitchen
my grandmother is wearing her most-flowered apron.
She always wears an apron
even though she does not need to
she never spills anything on it.

My favourite uncle is leaning against the counter
beside the stove. He has finished his part.
He has mashed the potatoes
and put them in a bowl in the oven
beside the stack of plates
from my grandparents’ cold cupboards.

I am wearing a red and white checked apron
that I have already scattered with flour
while learning how to make a cheese sauce
that will go on the cauliflower.
Always use a wooden spoon she says.
Or a whisk, he says, if you’ve got one.
She says don’t stop stirring.
Maybe you need to turn up the heat a bit he says.
When am I supposed to add the cheese?
Not yet, she says, be patient.
We’ll let you know.
It will turn out fine
if you just keep stirring.