Key to a Blue 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

I am in the ignition of your new car,
Your new-to-you car, I guess I should say.
I’m a bit surprised to still be in the ignition.
I thought after the car sputtered and quit you’d take me out and
hold me in your hand or put me in your pocket –
someplace warm and cozy.
I must say I’m a little chilly,
but I guess I shouldn’t complain.
You’ve got bigger issues.

I’m sorry the car quit.
You were so happy when you picked it up this morning,
after you paid the mechanic’s bill,
after the owners handed me over to you.
I wish I had the power to keep the car going, but I don’t.

You’re so attached to the car already.
You’ve already given her a name.
A ridiculous name for a car,
but I guess you’ll need to be comfortable with whimsy
to be this car’s owner.
This isn’t the last time you’ll be stuck at the side of the road,
wondering what to do.