Things I Collect

  1. old tattered Penguins (books, not birds) the ones with the number at the bottom of the spine
  2. Volkswagens (toys, not full-size although I did have a 1968 royal blue Beetle many years ago that I still wish I hadn't sold)
  3. two kinds of tea towels - souvenir tea towels with places on them and Royal Wedding tea towels (just ones of William & Kate for now as my Charles & Diana tea towel is too worn out to use)
  4. lists found in parking lots or shopping carts or on the sidewalk. I try to figure out what kind of person had written the list (this one grosses out my daughter as she can't believe her mother is picking up other people's used pieces of paper)
  5. flying pigs and other impossibilities like figurines of obese ballerinas and odd-shaped birds who have wings but could never fly
  6. cookbooks. I use some of the recipes but often what has attracted me to the cookbook is the stories behind the recipes where it seems like the author is in my kitchen talking to me. I feel like I get to know the author a little bit rather than just following along as the recipe tells you to do this and then do that.
  7. quotes, conversation scraps, sayings or facts that attract me like a magpie to something shiny.  "I'm not sleeping so well and I'm typing like a drunk ferret." David Mitchell; "Every princess needs a peasant." overheard, said by a man on a payphone; "mad as a box of frogs" part of a headline in the Globe & Mail; Agatha Christie's pet hates were marmalade pudding and cockroaches,
  8. old postcards, not for the photos, but for what's written on the back (I have a whole bunch written by a man named Pearce who was very stingy with his words)
  9. round rocks of all sizes. There's a bowl of small ones on the coffee table, a couple of large jars full of them and there's some larger ones edging part of the garden.