Lois Introduces Herself

Hello, my name is Lois, and I am a person with anger issues. I’m really not here of my own accord, it was part of the deal my lawyer worked out with my local Tucker's Food Market – the one at Cobourg and Queen. The other part of the deal is that I can’t go in there anymore. I thought I was being reasonable, asking to speak with the manager about why the cashiers don’t pack the groceries as they ring them in, I mean that’s just the most efficient way, right? Instead of playing a waiting game at the end, customer on one side of the counter, cashier on the other, to see who was going to crack first and start packing.

Sometimes I pay by debit even if I have enough cash in my wallet, just to give them some extra time to think maybe they should trouble themselves to throw some of my groceries in the bags with their logo on them that I’ve carried to the store. If I wanted to pack my own groceries, I’d go to the stores where that’s expected of you. The Pay 'N' Go and such.

At least they haven’t banned me from the entire chain as they’d threatened. My lawyer got them to back down on that one.

The other Tucker's I can’t go to anymore is at Monaghan and Hopkins. That wasn’t so much a non-packing problem (although I’m sure that would have eventually become an issue because that store is notorious for not packing groceries) as a we’re out of butter first thing Saturday morning on the weekend that I was going to do my Christmas baking sort of problem.

The crux of the matter was that, technically, they weren’t out of butter. Apparently they had more but had deemed it too difficult to retrieve. It was apparently buried under cheese, sour cream and other dairy items, only to become retrievable when what was on top of it was taken off and shelved in the store. The guy who I asked about the lack of butter explained this to me as it if was entirely reasonable. I pointed out to him that a lot of people, not just me, would be trying to do their baking for the holidays this weekend, and that it was hard to do it without butter. I mean, even if you use margarine the rest of the year ‘round, you still want butter for the Christmas goodies, right? But he wasn’t swayed.

I guess he thought the exchange had become a little too heated for his liking, because I didn’t have to ask for the manager that time, the we have more butter but we just don’t want to go to the trouble to getting the butter for you guy went and got the manager on his own initiative. And that’s how it came about that I’m not able to go anywhere near that Tucker’s anymore, either.