I've Started a New Collection

I went to an antique mall today to look for postcards with interesting things written on them. I found some (more about that on a later post) but I also came across photographs that I find quite intriguing. It was enough to inspire me to start another collection. (Confession -- it doesn't take much to make me start a new collection.) Anyway, the new collection is photos of people with cars. In case I come across a good photo of someone with a truck or sailboat or tractor or unicycle or something, maybe I should call it people with their means of transport. But that's a mouthful. I'll call it how to get there instead. So here's the first of the new collection, a man pouring water on a car. Presumably the water is hot. It looks like he's trying to unfreeze the door so it will open. I have the same problem with our car sometimes but usually it opens if you just keep pulling on the door handle. I've never had to resort to a kettle full of water but it's good to have that idea handy in a back pocket just in case.

This would make a fine writing prompt, too, as many photographs do.