A Woman, a Man, and a Dog Who Won't Sit Still

I love how this set of two photographs tells a little story. It looks to me like this long-married couple has moved chairs from inside in order to have their photo taken. The dog is used to sitting on the porch in the afternoon but the people are not. (Maybe they call it the veranda). The woman looks more relaxed in these photographs than the man does. In the first photo she's sitting with one hand in her lap. Then the dog turns away from the camera and is looking for attention. In the second photo her hand has moved. Maybe she's petting the dog without taking her eyes off the photographer. In both photos the man is hanging onto his chair as if he thinks there are balloons under it and it might take off at any moment. But he is looking at the dog in the second photograph. I'm assuming the dog was sitting still in the first photograph that was taken but it could be that the photos were taken in the other order and the dog was told to sit down like a good dog and did. On the back someone has written "July '38".