A Woman, a Man, and a Dog Who Won't Sit Still

I love how this set of two photographs tells a little story. It looks to me like this long-married couple has moved chairs from inside in order to have their photo taken. The dog is used to sitting on the porch in the afternoon but the people are not. (Maybe they call it the veranda). The woman looks more relaxed in these photographs than the man does. In the first photo she's sitting with one hand in her lap. Then the dog turns away from the camera and is looking for attention. In the second photo her hand has moved. Maybe she's petting the dog without taking her eyes off the photographer. In both photos the man is hanging onto his chair as if he thinks there are balloons under it and it might take off at any moment. But he is looking at the dog in the second photograph. I'm assuming the dog was sitting still in the first photograph that was taken but it could be that the photos were taken in the other order and the dog was told to sit down like a good dog and did. On the back someone has written "July '38".

Woman Alone in a Boat

Don't you wonder about the story behind this photo? Is it her boat and sometimes she just likes to beach it somewhere and sit on the backseat and enjoy the sunshine? Did the driver of the boat pull up on some island that the woman thought looked too dangerous or not worth getting out of the boat? Or did everyone else get out and she said, "If you think I'm getting these new sandals wet, you're crazy." Or has she been promised a boat ride and she got there early and decided to get in and wait?  Or did they run out of gas and someone else has gone to get help?

I've Started a New Collection

I went to an antique mall today to look for postcards with interesting things written on them. I found some (more about that on a later post) but I also came across photographs that I find quite intriguing. It was enough to inspire me to start another collection. (Confession -- it doesn't take much to make me start a new collection.) Anyway, the new collection is photos of people with cars. In case I come across a good photo of someone with a truck or sailboat or tractor or unicycle or something, maybe I should call it people with their means of transport. But that's a mouthful. I'll call it how to get there instead. So here's the first of the new collection, a man pouring water on a car. Presumably the water is hot. It looks like he's trying to unfreeze the door so it will open. I have the same problem with our car sometimes but usually it opens if you just keep pulling on the door handle. I've never had to resort to a kettle full of water but it's good to have that idea handy in a back pocket just in case.

This would make a fine writing prompt, too, as many photographs do.