I live in Stratford, a city that celebrates swans, Shakespeare, and chocolate.

I write short stories that explore aspects of memory, nostalgia, and human relationships centred on the theme of loss. The stories are mostly set in the not-too-distant past in small towns and cities of Ontario and feature gentle, slightly offbeat characters with old-fashioned names. Almost every story includes laundry, an apron, or a cat. None of my characters has ever had a cellphone.

I should go running more often. I dabble in poetry, sculpting in cement, and photography (most of the photographs on this site were taken by me).

I like the planning, shopping, and planting aspects of gardening. I have a particular fondness for extra-dry dirty gin martinis with as many olives as can fit on the cocktail pick.
This was my first blog: Somewhat Like Polly Vandersma